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A New Outlook on My Life and Career

I am so thankful for Carrie’s coaching. I worked with Carrie for three weeks, during which time she got me focused to handle one problem at a time instead of struggling with all of them at once. Carrie not only provided strategic guidance, but her way of seeing the best in people gave me a new outlook on my life and career. I learned to re-frame much of my negative feelings about the past, thus outlook for the future! Thank you for everything, Carrie!”

Mimi Gosh Entrepreneur

Worth the Investment-Helped My Business

“Working with Carrie as a coach exceeded my expectations on all fronts. She was professional, timely, interactive, and above all, immeasurably helpful for both me and my business. With her life experience and a strong business head, there wasn’t a single meeting where I didn’t leave with something ‘more’, and a number of solid ‘a-ha’s’ to implement. Coaching is an investment in both yourself and your work… Carrie D. Clarke is worth every penny.”

Crystal Klimavicz Author & Founder of

Diverse Professional Background That Helped Me Succeed

“As a former Vice President of Operations – I cannot recommend Carrie Clarke highly enough. Carrie has such incredible diversity in her background – whether it be financial, managerial, entrepreneur, or legal – not to mention a natural ability to Coach masterfully. She will skillfully help you navigate the most difficult life or executive decisions with incredible precision and ease. In addition – she is very skilled at asking probing questions, which helped me to clarify my thoughts, weigh my options, and take action during some of the most challenging moments in my Life. Carrie is Exceptional and Gifted. She has my highest recommendation.”

Todd H Mosher CEO,

Gave Me Confidence, To Write, To Pitch and To Celebrate

“When I first started talking with Carrie, I lacked the confidence to call myself a writer. I had already written a manuscript I was quite proud of-It wasn’t perfect, but I felt good about it. She helped me brainstorm trouble spots in my plot. It turns out I always knew how it was supposed to end. I was just afraid of writing it.

My other big problem was that I didn’t know how to talk about my book, how to describe it, how to convey my passion to someone else. Carrie had me role play conversations with agents until I felt comfortable with any question she threw at me.

Carrie also pushed me to be proud of my accomplishments. My manuscript is now complete. I’ve had a lot of success pitching to agents, and guess what — I am a writer.”

Julie Carrick Dalton Author

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

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